"Where the Worlds of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide"


Ink Fusion has been building strong for almost a decade now. It started out when the creator, Marc Draven, decided to bring the two professions he worked in, together as one. As a professional tattoo artist for almost 20 years, Marc also did media booking, marketing, and sales at entertainment conventions. Having the desire to bring something fresh to each market, Marc fused the two and called it "Ink-Fusion." 


At first, many people didn't know how to take it. 


"Tattooing at a Comic Con?"




Bringing your favorite celebrity movie star or TV actress to a Tattoo convention??


Believe it!!


Once people realized that Ink-Fusion was the first professional Tattoo program, that is also inspected and regulated by the board of health for each and every show, the fans came in by the dozens.


Soon Draven had gotten the attention of other artists from around the area, then the state, then the Country, then Internationally. Ten years later, Ink-Fusion is not only a Comic Con favorite across the globe, but also by over 100 different artists at past events. We've not only caught the ear of the fans, and promoters, but also the likes of Lucas Films and comic legends, as Ink-Fusion is the only tattoo program that has been licensed with both. Bringing the professional arts of tattooing to Entertainment shows / pop culture shows, has given huge exposure to the business but also secures safe, sterile practice to the fans and even the celebrities who've gotten tattooed at the events. Truly showing why Ink-Fusion is "Where the Worlds of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide."